Ben Manson is a French DJ & Producer based in Paris. His name has become synonymous with the

European techno queer scene. Resident of LDMT (The Hybrid Queer Party), Playground (Blitz Munich),

B:EAST (Polygon Berlin), La Demence (Fuse Brussels), Revolver (Kitkat Club Berlin),… He also played in

some of the best clubs around the world such as Bootshaus Cologne, X-Tra Zurich, Space Ibiza, MMA Munich,

Magdalena Berlin, Scala London, Block Tel Aviv, Paradiso Amsterdam, Pratersauna Vienna,… & many more.

Founder of Less Drama More Techno & Walk Zusammen… He runs the world from Paris to Sydney via Madrid,

Roma, Montreal, Milano, Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna, Singapore, Tokyo, Barcelona, Rio, Sao Paulo Zurich,…

and shares the turntables with some of the best DJs of the world including: Marcel Dettmann, Answer Code

Request, Ellen Allien, Freddy K,  Nd Baumecker, Boris, Volvox, O Phase, Drumcell, Massimiliano Pagliara,

Monoloc, MCMLXXXV, Steffi, Giant Swan, The Black Madonna, …

Signed on Eclipse Recordings, Oscuro Music, Stereo Productions, Beatfreak Recordings, Twinsted

America, S2g, La Factoria,... 

​The best way to describe his style is: "Melodic Industrial Techno"